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Can You Start Again?

Can you? Can you hit the reset button in life? What about in homeschooling? This is where I am in life. When I started this blog my boys were eight and five.


In my last post, FIVE YEARS AGO!!, they were twelve and nine.

IMG_9960 copy

They are now fifteen and twelve!


I would love to say that we have been having quite the adventure and were flourishing in our home school journey. But sadly, we haven’t. Nothing traumatic or life altering has happened to us. We are all fine and healthy. And for that I am extremely grateful.  No, it has just been life. Instead of thriving we have just been merely surviving. What do I mean by that?  When I started homeschooling, I had all these grand ideas of what it would look like and how perfect it would all be. But it wasn’t and it isn’t. Life is hard! Homeschooling is hard! It’s not for the faint of heart. When the math isn’t clicking and the tears are falling, I want to give up. When the house is a mess and we’re behind on EVERYTHING, I want to throw in the towel. You get the picture. It seems like we have been so focused on the academics of it all that we have left out the fun. That seems to happen more when the kids are older.  I’m not happy about that but that’s the reality. So now, here I am wondering, with less than four years left with my oldest and seven with my youngest, can I begin anew? Can I hit refresh? Can I bring back in the fun?  I really want to try. My boys are worth it. So what does “starting over” look like? More field trips? More projects? More fun family time?  I know one of the major areas I need to work on is organization. That is where I am going to start. I hope you follow along with me as I endeavor to hit the “reset” button.