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Trying to catch up….

I have a saying, “still trying to catch my rear.” Basically I run around all day doing “stuff” but not really accomplishing anything. Well hopefully I can get a little more caught up with the blog in the few minutes I have before leaving for church.

Below is a pic of my boys before their first baseball game of the season. It was Bubby’s very first game. He was so excited! I’ll have more baseball pics later. This one is just a teaser.

This is definitely going to go in the paper when Bubby graduates! Be warned Bubby : )

Here he is doing his best karate chop.

I’m sorry but you don’t get more handsome than this. This pic of T-Rev shows a hint of what the man to come will look like. And while I couldn’t be prouder, I’m also a little sad at how fast he’s growing up.

Speaking of T-Rev, we celebrated an amazing day not too long ago. I mentioned in an earlier post how T-Rev has accepted Christ into his heart. I cannot even beging to explain how special that day was for us. Well after going through a new christians class at our church, our little man was baptized on August 31, 2008. Below is a pic of him and his Daddy walking down the hall to the baptism. Notice the timid excitement in his face.
This is he and Pastor Kevin waiting for their time to go down into the baptism pool. I’m on the other side fighting back the tears.

Here he is walking down into the pool….

Putting hand on nose before Pastor Kevin dunks him…..

This is him right after he came up from the water. My prehistoric camera wouldn’t recover in time from the last pic to get him as he went under. Sigh!

No words! Utter joy and happiness….

Beautiful, Beautiful, Boy!

Just Me & the Boys

One day, a few weeks ago, the boys and I were being silly with the camera. Some of them turned out okay. They are not the best pictures, but they make me smile when I think of the day we took them. We were laughing so hard when we were taking these.
This one is of all three of us. We had been wrestling on the bed.
Here is Bubby and me. He looks so innocent in this one. But we all know better don’t we?

Bubby loves to give hugs and kisses. This is typical of him.

The “eyes” have it.

I keep telling T-Rev that he will always be my baby and have to give me hugs and kisses. He just laughs and tells me I’m crazy.

These were good memories. Thanks boys!

Catching Up

I have been reading all my favorite blogs and realized that it has been five weeks since I last posted on my own. We’ve had a lot going on around here. Trevor had a birthday and was baptised. We’ve had family come and visit. We’ve also started school. I uploaded my pictures last night and had over TWO HUNDRED. So my goal is to get our blog caught up with our life.

Below is a slide show of our trip to see Clone Wars. In case you don’t know, the boys and I are HUGE Star Wars fans. We were really excited when this came out. Now I know that the Star Wars purist didn’t like this movie as much, but to 8 and 5 year old boys, it was “AWESOME.” So without further ado….our Clone Wars saga….

Summer Fun

I thought before the school year starts, I would post a few pics from out last trip home. The boys and I had spent the day with Brian’s parents and our niece and nephew.

Bubby and cousin K are hangin’ on the steps.

Bubby getting on his gear for some serious swimming.

T-Rev initiating a complex move called a cannon ball. Pay attention to the expert way he holds his nose.

“You want a piece of me!?!”

Cousin E having a spiritual moment.

Just floating around.

Phineas and Ferb

Well yet again, I’ve let a long time lapse since posting. My old computer crashed, then my new computer had a bad wireless card and had to be sent back. I now have said computer back. However, I have not taken the time to sit down and upload all my new pictures of the boys onto it. So until I do, I thought I would share the new craze in our house.

It’s not really new to the boys but Brian and I have just been infected with the Phineas and Ferb bug. This is a cartoon that comes on Disney and it is just hilarious. Brian and I find ourselves watching it even when the boys are not around. Phineas and Ferb are brothers who are on Summer vacation. The cartoon is about all their shenanigans. Anyway, there is this one song that my boys sing constantly. It’s quite catchy! So much so, that Brian and I can be heard singing it at any given moment. Further more, it’s not uncommon for all 4 of us to break out in song at the same time for an impromptu family sing fest.

So until I can get pictures on here, I thought I would share what the rave is all about. Below is a video of the song. But beware, you’ll probably find yourself singing this yourself at odd times during the day.