Getting Real

So I began this new blog with the intention of creating beautiful posts about an ideal life that I fantasize about.  I wanted to present a wonderful world like  the ones I have seen on  various mothering/homemaking/ homeschooling blogs on the internet. Oh you know the blogs I’m talking of, the ones that portray Proverbs 31 type women.  The ones that depict the daily life of women who seem to have it all together.  Picture it, Mom is making homemade bread in a spotless kitchen while the children are quietly sitting around the table working on schoolwork, all the while listening to classical music. Oh and by the way she also is the owner of a successful home business.  How many of you out there look at these blogs and think to yourself, ” I am not measuring up in this mothering business.  I must do more, be more, perform more.”  Well that was me.  And I thought that if I created a blog with the purpose of recreating the fairytale lives of these other women, then I could be  “put together” just like them.  Well the truth is, there is no such thing as a fairytale or perfect life.  And I’m sure that these other blogs are only posting the “good stuff.”  They also have THOSE days.  So while this blog will be about our Winsome Days,  it will also chronicle our not-so-winsome days.

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