This past October, we surprised the boys with a trip to Disney World.  We’ve never been.  I had never been and I’m 37 years old!    Mind you, we’ve never been on a family vacation at all and T-Rev is 10 years old! So needless to say, we were all very excited. Here are some of our pictures.  I was too busy looking at everything and taking it all in that I didn’t get as many good pictures as I would have liked but these are a few of the better ones.

In the first few pictures was when we were telling the boys where we were going.  They had been asking for years, “When can we go to Disney World?”  All their friends had been going and telling them all about it.
Brian and I just kept saying we could not afford it so we wouldn’t be going any time soon.  All the while we were secretly planning the trip.  On the day we were leaving, we packed the car without them knowing.  They were playing in the back yard and I went to them saying we were going out shopping.  They were not happy.  In fact, T-Rev was pretty put out with me because I was making him leave his friends to go shopping for “furniture.”  When they got in the van, we had put Disney books in their seats.  T-Rev took one look at his and said, “What do I need this for?”  I said, “Someone who is going to Disney World needs that book.”  Then he said, “Well I don’t need it because I’m not going to Disney!”  Then CB says, “Yeah, you said we couldn’t afford to go.”  Brian and I had to convince them that we were really going.

“We’re not going to Disney!  You guys are tricking us!”

“Yeah!  You said we couldn’t afford it.”


Magic Kingdom:  Where dreams come true!

These next ones are from one of our favorite rides.  Can you guess which one? 

To me one of the best parts of going to Disney was watching the parades.  They were awesome!  I wanted to get in the middle of them and dance right along.

Since it was in October, DW was decorated for Halloween.  Magic Kingdom was having Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween.  Although we didn’t pay the extra to see the special parade or go trick-or-treating, we were able to enjoy all the other decorations and festivities.

Face Painting
T-Rev “before” shot

CB “before” shot

The “after” shot

The Tree of Life in Animal Kingdom

You just never know who you’ll run into in Disney.

They had wonderful shows througout the parks.  This was the Lion King.

It was a wonderful week!  We were able to enjoy great bonding family time doing nothing but having fun!  What more could you ask for?

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