Peek into 2010

I only have a little time but I wanted to show you a glimpse into our little life in 2010. 
We started off the year with beautiful snow.  The boys and Brian had a wonderful time building a snowman and having a snowball fight.
The boys won top awards for each of their age group in Awana this year.
T-Rev had the opportunity to be on our church’s Awana Bible Quiz team.  They came in second place out of 16 teams.
Easter Pics
My mom came to recuperate after her neck surgery.  It was wonderful to have her here only she didn’t stay long enough.
CLHE (Christ Led Home Educators) Award Ceremony
CB’s 7th Birthday
Bee Farm Field Trip (The boys really are holding on the bees with their bare hands!)
CLHE Field Day
Annual Zoo Trip 2010
CB’s First Piano Recital: He looks like a little man sitting up there.
Memorial Day Parade: I thought this was neat.

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