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I have been going through the recent pictures I’ve taken during the fall and have realized that I haven’t posted a single picture from our spring and summer. We had a lot going on. We’ve had four birthdays, a beach wedding, and many more summer fun days. Here is a smidgen of our spring and summer.

CB’s (formerly known as Bubby) 6th birthday. Every year we take the boys to Toys R Us to pick out a present. They love to wear the crown and get the balloon. TRU usually announces his name over the intercom.

Toys, toys, everywhere…..Oh what to get?


Birthday bowling

His favorite dessert, brownies! The boy doesn’t like cake. What is wrong with him?!?

Oh what could it be?

Brian’s sister Pam got married this June at the beach. It was a beautiful wedding…hot but beautiful!

This is a picture of Brian and CB at the marina where the rehearsal dinner was held. I just love this picture!

T-Rev is growing too fast!

Another of my favorites! That’s the beauty of this blog. I get to pick my favorites!

Cousins. E is really hamming it up!

Thumb wrestling at the rehearsal dinner. Classic!

Ummm…..not really sure what this was about.
More cousins. Beautiful girls!
My ever lovely MIL being escorted by her son Greg.
My FIL walking his daughter down the aisle.
My wonderful in-laws (other parents).
Pam and Bo
Brian and Pam. Another of my absolute favs!

CB “the dancing man”
During the summer, we went to G’Pa’s and G’Ma’s to swim. The boys love it and always ask when can we go back.

Anxiously waiting on back porch to go swimming.

Gotta love the goggles!

Chess got to come over one day with A and D. That was a fun day.

Trying to see who could make the most waves.
I think Chess won!
We have a fountain at the mall here. We like to go during the very hottest days because the water is frigid!
Summer around our house involves popsicles, pavement chalk, bicycles and friends.

The neighborhood gang deciding whose sides they are on and where home base is going to be.
The hide out
“You want a piece of me?!”
“Yeah I know I’m bad”

Just me and my boy!

and my other boy!
Umm…..should I be worried……little young don’t you think?
We have a state park with a “beach” a few miles from our home. During the week, we pack a lunch and spend all day there. The boys “snorkle”, build sand castles, and swim just like at the real beach.
T-Rev turned 9 this summer. He wanted to go to I-Hop for a birthday breakfast. He got a smiley face pancake. Still cannot believe how big he is getting.

Ice-cream cake…Yuuuuummmmy!
His loot
One day, I had to run a quick errand. The boys were inside with Brian doing schoolwork. When I left, guess what was in our yard……

Look at how big he is! We have no idea where he came from or even where he went. He moves pretty fast for a turtle. Whatch out hare!
So that was a glimpse into our summer. Next I’ll post our fall pics. It’s already turning out to be very busy and eventful!
Love to all,

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  1. Grandma Yvonne

    Hey Kim!Haven't been here in a while. Love all the pictures even if it has been a year since I visited. Don't know why I can't remember that you all have a blog..I read everyone else's! I'll do better in the future! Mom


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