Happy Birthday Brian!

Today is a very special day. It is my hubby’s 40Th birthday. So in lieu of giving him a physical card, we are going to give him a virtual one. This way we can let him and the whole world know how wonderful he is and why we love him.

First of all, we love this man because he loves us. He is devoted to each of us and to our family. In a world, where men (and women) frequently leave their spouse and family for life “greener on the other side”, the boys and I can depend on Brian to always be here.

We love this man because he is fun loving. He is always laughing and making jokes. He makes our home that much brighter because of his humor and laughter.

We love this man because he is hard working. He is one deck laying, playhouse building, stairway refurbishing, wall painting, lawn mowing, computer fixing and sports paraphernalia selling man. Whenever anything needs fixing or tweaking, he’s my “go-to” man! I love how when something needs to be done, he researches it, figures it out and gets it accomplished.

We love this man because he is a great father and husband. He loves our boys immensely and is not afraid to show it. He is their protector and defender. At the mere thought of someone harming our little ones in anyway, whether it be emotional or physical, he turns into a ferocious lion. He comforts them when they are afraid or hurt. He makes them laugh when they are sad. He takes the time to teach them the things that only a Daddy can.
He loves me and he shows me every day. He shows me buy washing our van or gassing it up before I have to go to work. He shows me by doing laundry when I’m am sick to death of it. He shows me by cleaning the kitchen while I’m at work. He shows me by making sure I have all the latest gadgets (even if I have no clue how to work them). He shows me by being “the heavy” to people when I don’t want to . He’s my soft place to land when things are overwhelming.
For all these things and many, many more we love you Brian!
Happy Birthday!
Dear Daddy,
Thank you for all you do. Thank you for getting me a green swing. I love you because of all the things you do nice for me. I love playing with you and working with you.
Dear Daddy,
You are the best Daddy in the whole wide world. I love you because you play with me and are nice to me. It’s fun when you take us to baseball games. I will love you for ever and ever and ever and ever and I love you more!

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