Trying to catch up….

I have a saying, “still trying to catch my rear.” Basically I run around all day doing “stuff” but not really accomplishing anything. Well hopefully I can get a little more caught up with the blog in the few minutes I have before leaving for church.

Below is a pic of my boys before their first baseball game of the season. It was Bubby’s very first game. He was so excited! I’ll have more baseball pics later. This one is just a teaser.

This is definitely going to go in the paper when Bubby graduates! Be warned Bubby : )

Here he is doing his best karate chop.

I’m sorry but you don’t get more handsome than this. This pic of T-Rev shows a hint of what the man to come will look like. And while I couldn’t be prouder, I’m also a little sad at how fast he’s growing up.

Speaking of T-Rev, we celebrated an amazing day not too long ago. I mentioned in an earlier post how T-Rev has accepted Christ into his heart. I cannot even beging to explain how special that day was for us. Well after going through a new christians class at our church, our little man was baptized on August 31, 2008. Below is a pic of him and his Daddy walking down the hall to the baptism. Notice the timid excitement in his face.
This is he and Pastor Kevin waiting for their time to go down into the baptism pool. I’m on the other side fighting back the tears.

Here he is walking down into the pool….

Putting hand on nose before Pastor Kevin dunks him…..

This is him right after he came up from the water. My prehistoric camera wouldn’t recover in time from the last pic to get him as he went under. Sigh!

No words! Utter joy and happiness….

Beautiful, Beautiful, Boy!

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