Awanna Boys

Every Wednesday night, we go to Awannas. If you’re not familiar with Awannas, it is a program that teaches children scripture. They memorize a Bible verse weekly. Even Bubby has to learn a scripture every week. After they learn their verses, they recite it for their teacher and get checked off in their book. They earn patches or pins for their vests by reaching different levels. Below is a picture of the boys with their vests. They are very proud of their vests! I am very proud of them! It always amazes me when, out of the blue, they spout off a verse they’ve learned. I’m just now able to do that and I’m …… well let’s just say I’m getting up there in years. If you have Awannas where you live, I would highly recommend taking your children. It’s wonderful!

p.s. You would think I could have found a better background for this picture. Just ignore the box of Easter decorations behind them. It hasn’t found it’s way back home yet.

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